Vor neun Jahren, von 12. bis 14. Oktober 2007, fand das siebente Council Meeting der “Europäischen Grünen Partei” (European Green Party, EGP) in den Räumlichkeiten des Parlaments statt. Die EGP war im Februar 2004 aus der Föderation der Europäischen Grünen hervorgegangen.

Bei dem Treffen wurden fünf Resolutionen verabschiedet:

Global Greens Going for Gold

The Green parties of Europe have chosen the continent as their working space. But their reference is the planet. Only at the global level climate problems can be solved, justice can be done, and policies for a balanced migration, fair trade and sustainable development should be designed. Weiterlesen.

16-3-1988, 20 years after (Iraq)

The anfal-campaign and the chemical attack on Halabja must be recognized as genocide. On the 16th of March in 1988 the town of Halabja was bombarded with chemical weapons by the Iraqi Baath regime led by Saddam Hussein. Within minutes more than 5 000 civilians were killed by the poisonous gases and large numbers wounded and crippled.   Birds and animals in large numbers were also killed, and crops contaminated. Weiterlesen.

Cyprus initiatives

The European Green Party and the members of the Green Parties of Europe welcome the re-initiation of the UN Gambari process of the 8th of July 2006 and encourage both sides on the island to actively continue the search for a viable solution that will reunify the island as early as possible based on the UN resolutions and the principles on which the European Union is based. Weiterlesen.

Arguments for stopping the Gold Corporation of Rosia Montana project (Romania)

It is expected that the exploitation of gold and silver is to be carried out for 17 years. That means that at the end of the exploitation period people of this area are to be made jobless again, with many unemployed (and a seriously damaged environment), social problems won’t be solved in the long term. The project affects 38% of the surface of Rosia Montana and about 1800 people, who will have to be relocated, and will also result in the demolition of 740 houses and a few churches and their graveyards. Weiterlesen.

Stop the plans for a regional waste disposal centre in sensitive nature region in Dalmatia (Croatia)

Plans to establish a Regional Waste Center in the community of Lecevica in the Dalmatia region of Croatia have met with fierce opposition from the local population. For seven years now, all kind of public and legal actions have been undertaken. This case shows great neglect of the environment, good governance, respect of law and implementation of agreements with the European Union and other European institutions. After a long struggle in Croatia the spokespersons of the concerned environmental and communal groups and institutions feel obliged to call upon the European institutions to make proper investigations and stop their support for this project. Weiterlesen.

Eine Übersicht über die Council Meetings und ihre Ergebnisse gibt es hier: https://europeangreens.eu/egp-councils